Lior Tamim is a visual artist living and working in New York. Tamim’s work is often installation based and incorporates a wide variety of mediums including photography, video, performance, painting, and sculpture. His projects are site-specific, and dictates their own rules and methodology.  Tamim specializes in drone photography and was the Co-Founder of BladeWorx – The first ever Drone Photography Company in Israel. Tamim studied art and photography in Bezalel Academy of Art and Design Jerusalem and at Parsons, The New School, New York. He  currently trains to become a body-builder.

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MF Venice

Participating artists:

In June 2015 I started training to become a bodybuilder. As I strive to move my practice to Los Angeles, CA, I wanted to adopt an identity that will be of the place. It is a mental and physical preparation for transition. This metamorphosis is one in a line of transformations, a part of my work and process. There is a bit of a method actor in me. My way of understanding comes from a physical experience. As I committed to changing myself, I began embracing a lifestyle that is similar to that of a professional athlete. It includes intense training and aggressive diet. 

Prior to  “MF Venice” I spent years practicing a verity of an artistic means such as abstraction, minimalism and process art. My goal became exploring the idea of the Masterpiece, an artist's devotion over time to a singular creation, the concentration of everything learnt and practiced. As I was working to transform my mind and my body, I began relating to me as the material being manipulated. I became a classic marble statue asking to step down from the traditional pedestal. As the project took shape, it became an open call for people to react to my body. During this time, I evolved into  a curator of others' interaction with me. 

Today, social media creates a nonphysical platform where people can create alternative identities for themselves, often ideal. Becoming a bodybuilder is a way to push the process of creating an ideal, masking identity to the most extreme physical boundaries. It is an exploration of a contemporary visual-driven culture where a character is being developed and maintained as representation of the self for the lens and the web to see.

This project is presented in its first stage as a performance + installation within a closed room, in which the bodybuilder figure is embedded. He is posing for the security camera installed in the space while the footage is screened to viewers outside. In the room, several pieces made by different artists are staged, providing different points of view on the subject matter.  These include animations, paintings, photographs, texts, and kinetic pieces.

The idea of competition, alluded to in the form of a bodybuilding performance, plays a significant role. Questions of size, gender and power relations are brought up to the artistic space. “MF Venice” is a project that blurs the position and function of the artist inside the artistic space; it explores social issues, new alternative process of image making, and ideas and questions of ownership inside my own artistic discourse.